Karen Kilimnik


September 10 to October 29, 2022


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Vienna

Work titles:

Picadilly, London in 1807.
the quiet countryside with mansions -
great gentlemen's clubs of London, 2020; Boodles Club, London, 2020; The gods perched on the roof of the right
honorable marquis of Dorchester's house, 2020; the otherworld on stage, the ducal palace theater, Italy in the renaissance, 2020; the Blue Kiosk, (a small pavillion), the oriental palace stage set,
the 18th century, Germany, 2020; the charmed Rathaus, 2020-2021; Walking tour in the Alps, the grand tour, 2020; the castle in Scotland the military tour,
home of the Laird & the clan. Martin Randall Travel Tours, 2020; castle of the clan Macnab, Scotland.
Tours to the Twelfth century - castles, campaigns, conquest,
military architecture + medieval wales - Martin Randall Travel, 2020; The theater stop on the trade route the silk road - the ancient world, 2020; the pastel country palace, 2020; the midlands, the elven stream, 2022; the cloud appreciation society meeting,
Little storping by the sea, England, 2021; the sky in England, 2021; Faberge Airlines flight path, 2022; the Spring zephyr, 2021; waterlilies in the sky by Monet, 2021