Karen Kilimnik


April 08 to May 27, 2017


Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Löwenbräu Areal

Work titles:

The Sylvan Glade, 2001; the tempest room, 2004; The Glade, 1999; Villeroy & Boch 1748
View of Italy, 1547 from Fleurance porcelaine plate, 2013; Scene In The Countryside 1600‘s, 1999; medieval landscape of the church, 2017; The gypsies lost in the mountain forest storm, 2014; pheasants + fairies in the field, 2004; hunt for the dinner feast - in the forest with garlands & bow decor, 2016; French beach at Normandy by Monet, 2016; Untitled, 2017; the english countryside - view to the southwest - the moors, 2003; tulips in the kitchen garden, 2003; the hen of the woods on the mermaid isle, li galli, 2017; volcano island
pub tiki island, the mini volcano, 2017; The bluebird forest, 2017; the jungle planet in winter, 2016; the pretty sea
the pink + cream villas overlooking Torquay, 2016; the edge of the forest, evening, 2012; the forrest of the elves, 2013; the delft bridge, 2013; the red spotted deer, Christmas, in Neanderthal times, 2008; hiding out in the cold winter polish countryside, the old country, 2013; Midsummer's Eve, 810 AD, England, 1997; food in the mountains - the Alps, 2007; The Sahara Desert at night, 2007; Zermatt at Night, 2002; fog at muir beach, 2016