space forgets you


John Giorno


February 18 to March 25, 2017


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich
Löwenbräu Areal

Work titles:

John Giorno performing I Don't Need it, I don't want it, and You Cheated Me Out of It, 1981 & Eating The Sky, 1978, 2015; John Giorno performing I Resigned Myself to Being Here, 1980 & Suicide Sutra, 1973, 2015; John Giorno performing Grasping at Emptiness, 1978 & Completely Attached to Delusion, 1981, 2015; DIAL-A-POEM, 2012; DIAL-A-POEM, 2012; DIAL-A-POEM, 2012; DIAL-A-POEM, 2012; SPACE FORGETS YOU, 2015; GOD IS MAN MADE, 2015; FILLING WHAT IS EMPTY, EMPTYING WHAT IS FULL, 2015; JUST SAY NO TO FAMILY VALUES, 2015; EVERYTHING IS A DELUSION INCLUDING WISDOM, 2015; DON`T WAIT FOR ANYTHING, 2015; EVERYONE IS A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT, 2015; BAD NEWS IS ALWAYS TRUE, 2015; PREFER CRYING IN A LIMO TO LAUGHING IN A BUS, 2015; WE GAVE A PARTY FOR THE GODS, 2015; WE GAVE A PARTY FOR THE GODS, 2015; SPACE FORGETS YOU, 2015; YOU GOT TO BURN TO SHINE, 2015; IT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENS, IT’S HOW YOU HANDLE IT, 2012; EATING THE SKY, 2012; WORDS COME FROM SOUND SOUND COMES FROM WISDOM WISDOM COMES FROM EMPTINESS, 2012; IT DOESN’T GET BETTER, 2012; I WANT TO CUM IN YOUR HEART, 2012; THANX 4 NOTHING, 2012; LIFE IS A KILLER, 2015