The scene takes place


Latifa Echakhch


November 1 to December 14, 2013


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich

Work titles:

The trail was at its end, the dark ferns invaded borders. Expected for some traces, to build an other story., 2013; Everything was changed again because of the dark blue veil. Could not recognize the shapes of the leaves., 2013; and then the moon appears between the branches. Thought deeply it will be the last landscape, but after a cloud, all turns upside down., 2013; the unbalance of steps becomes more and more undeniable. And then wait for ten minutes or two hours,, 2013; Turn the left foot back a little, then jog very quickly, and close the eyes to regain memory., 2013; Two steps to the right. Humus with remnants of brambles, and ancient oak hide the sky that has now become clear., 2013; Lost again between two chestnuts, bowing to the right, then back a little, come across a funny pebble., 2013; Decide to turn to the left. Shoes had no more sound coming from their sole, only vibrations of crick and crack,, 2013; Wondering what was the goal of such a decision, but theses thoughts were stopped by a nasty trail full of smelly mud., 2013; Tannhäuser, 2013; The scene takes place at the end of a torrent, without remembering how it all happened., 2013