Karen Kilimnik


April 06 to May 18, 2013


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich

Work titles:

Stage Right , 1995; View from the Catwalk, 1995; From Stage Center Front Row, 1995; Backstage Again , 1995; 2 Peasant Girls, Silesia - Future Wilis, 1999; Stage Left, 1995; View from Backstage, 1995; The Flat Iron Building, New York, 1903, 2002; the winter season, 1902-03, 2002; The Flat Iron Building, New York, 1903, 2002; The Apartment, 2002; the car horses, 1893, New York, 2002; The Flat Iron Building, New York, 1903, 2002; Esmeralda and Evening Dust, on Stage, 2007; new jersey tropical clouds outside Trenton, New Jersey, 2007; the clump of english trees cotswolds, 2008; the footpath, cotswolds, the mod signal, 2008; the gainsborough brewery pools, from rain - not really a pond by memorial hall, the phony pond, 2008; the rose bramble along the coswold fieldstone wall, 2008; the footpath gate, the english country side, 2008; the happy spring daffodils and pals, 2008; the happy pink butterfly, 2008; vienna at dusk, fairmount park, 2010; china plates in France, 2012; the night blooming flowers, 2012; Caesar and Czarina, 1998; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part I, 1994; Gelsey Kirkland, 1988; Me as Isabelle Adjani on T.V. Deying She Has AIDS, 1988; My Nose Job to Look Like Brunette Model from 60s Who Was Sick, 1990; Toys Under the Christmas Tree in the Library at Night, 2000; Admiral Nelson Directing the Battlefield, the Troops, Trafalgar Square, 1998; The Fog, 1999; The Little Bat, 2000; Scene Beneath the Christmas Tree - The Nutcracker, 2000; the fancy car horse, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel, 1840, 2002; Cab, Central Park, New York, 1897, 2002; cows in the english mist, 2004; cows in england, 2004; the english rose, 2004; the sports car rally + and the treasure hunt, england , Steed, Emma Peel, assorted villains + the butler-bentley, 2007; the faerie queen titania and attendant, 2008; kings bagpuzzle house, 2010; Oscar's gown - dirty snow, 2011; Abstract no.1 Elizabethan times, 2013; Abstract no.2 Elizabethan times, 2013; Abstract no.3 Elizabethan times, 2013; back seat of car going to the manor house cute 19th century dog with its suitcase, 2013; the house from a brian clemens thriller episode, 2013; daytime view village quaint Germany, 2013; nightime view of village, quaint Germany, 2013; Fireworks, 2013; Light in the Woods from laundry room, elves and fairies, 2013; england in philadelphia, McGillians Ale House, 2013; McGillians Ale House in 18th Century, 2013; mini Central Park, 2013; the salad forest, 2013; the adorable peeing sheep, 2013; the pretty sheep in the golden english afternoon sunlight, 2013; theatre flat, 2013; old dogs, 19th century dogs out for a walk the ancient forest, england , 2013; the roilling clouds across the street, martians about to land, 2013; the wavy louvre, 2013; witchcraft thing, 2013; the witches' stable block, 2013; the giant flowers, 2013; crystals in the mountains, 2013; Fox with its food for the day, porridge, cake, and a sundae, 2013; fox with winter cache of food in the winter cave fox den, 2013; the red horse, horse and carriage, columbus circle, new york, by guy wiggins, 2013; a back road in the avengers, 2013; hungarian jewish baby 1944 looks like elizabeth taylor, 2013; farmers nightmare, my first wildflowers, 2013; fairy wildflowers, 2013; blizzard, 2013; blizzard reading, raw milk revolution, 2013; perfumes soaps and flowers, 2013; not look jewish looks like sylvia du maurier, hospital lodz ghetto all killed, 2013; couture beading, snowmelt crystals, 2013; the wavy louvre, 2013; Caesar at 21st Street and Cypress, 1998; Paris Alpine watches, 2002; Jacque Laurent, Paris French Alpine watches, 2002; cache, 2002; winter watches, 2002; the real ringstrasse vienna, 2002; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part II, 1994; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part III, 1994; cache belonging to the mountain lynx, 2004; a great snowstorm, Madison Park, 2004; the car rally in the english country side - the bentley and the villain's sports car, 2007; venusian society car rally, 2007; the snow queen's sleigh, 2007; the changeling brownie with the silver fairy, 2008; english squirrel eating rose petal, for snack - Kensington garden, Hyde Park, 2013; flowers taking a bath, 2010; fairie snow bunny, 2010; farmers nightmare, 2013; the Chinese garden seats by the haystacks in the field near the woods, 2011; Cloud Props, 2013; The flat iron Building, New York, 1903, 2002; Kitri in spain, 2003; the silver brownie fairies and the elven queen, 2008; Kitri Basilo and friends at the village square, 2003; the imagined folly library, 2013; the forrest of the elves, 2013; Villeroy & Boch, 1748, petite fleur porcelain plate, 2012; To bet titled (Wallpaper), 2013; Cloud Props, 2013