Art Fair:



Doug Aiken, Matin Boyce, Valenti Carron, Latifa Echakhch, Matias Faldbakken, Sam Falls, Mark Handforth, Alex Hubbard, Karen Kilimnik, Ugo Rondinone, Josh Smith


October 24 to 27, 2013


Grand Palais, Paris

Work titles:

ART, 2012; Library of Leaves [Still To Be Said], 2013; Library of Leaves [All Over Again And Again], 2013; Laurel House Ghosts and Flowers, 2013; Untitled, 2009; und auf tat sich Amerika..., 2013; Untitled (Juggling), 2012; Untitled (Image sculpture) # 1, 2012; Untitled (Lattice, Topanga, CA., Early American), 2013; Untitled (Lattice, Topanga, CA., English Chestnut), 2013; Untitled (Lattice, Topanga, CA., Ebony), 2013; Untitled (Lattice, Topanga, CA., Cherrywood), 2013; Untitled (Painted Photograms, Lattice 46), 2013; Untitled (Painted Photograms, Lattice 47), 2013; Untitled (Painted Photograms, Lattice 53), 2013; Untitled (Painted Photograms, Lattice 55), 2013; Love Nuts, 2013; Bent Painting # 2 , 2012; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part I, 1994; Gelsey Kirkland, 1988; Me as Isabelle Adjani on T.V. Deying She Has AIDS, 1988; My Nose Job to Look Like Brunette Model from 60s Who Was Sick, 1990; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part II, 1994; Me as Isabelle Adjani in Ishtar, Part III, 1994; dritterseptemberzweitausendundelf, 2011; Untitled, 2012; Untitled, 2012