Karen Kilimnik


October 25, 2008 to January 31, 2009


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich

Work titles:

an english countryhouse country park, fairmount park, 2008; candle burning magic on the eiger, the Alps, 2008; Degas, the green dancer, the lost ballet, Paris, 1867, 2008; drinks room of the Egerton House hotel, London, 2008; ectoplasm of rich children, spaniel, + poor beggar ragamuffin at the oak tree, grimsley park, 2008; english country house, Hatfield, Hever, in fairmount park, litter in pool, not filled, 2008; english rose trellis in fairmount park, no roses, no ivy - probably plastic not wood, 2008; favorite palomino pony + friends at the hovel, in Robin Hood's forest. Sherwood forest, 2008; kew gardens attempt but not as good, cheaper, no style, no beauty, 2008; kew gardens, fairmount park, 2008; Lancashire in fairmount park, 2008; like chiswick gardens radiating out from house the lanes paths with hedges and statues, Fairmont Park, 2008; Lucifer's baby carriage, 2008; Nest of Isis, Egypt, 2008; not as pretty version of english garden, philadelphia, horticultural hall peonies not real blossoms, halfdead, not alot of petals, 2008; poor man's china slott, stockholm chinese pavillion drottningholm, in fairmount park, 2008; Sleeping Beauty and friends, 2007; stubb's newmarket rubbing down house fairmount park, 2008; The "Who is killing the great chefs of Europe" bomb, 2008; the adorable cotswolds sheep, 2008; the blond rulers, 2008; the child in the garden, 2008; the clump of english trees cotswolds, 2008; the english countryside at night, 2008; the evening stars and the night cloud, 2007; the field beyond the mossy oak tree, england, 2008; the footpath gate, the english country side, 2008; the footpath, cotswolds, the mod signal, 2008; the gainsborough brewery pools, from rain - not really a pond, by memorial hall, the phony pond, 2008; the happy weeds + insects in the field on a summer day, 2004/08; the little fop out in the park meets the poor beggar boy, 2008; the ocelot lost in hawaii, 2005/08; the prince Character in the Sleeping forest, "hark, what is that, what do I hear?", 2006/08; the real Kew gardens greenhouse, 2008; the red spotted deer, Christmas, in Neanderthal times, 2008; the rose bramble along the coswold fieldstone wall, 2008; the Royal unicorn at the real Kew, 2008; the worrywart out hunting, 2007; weeds english garden not as good as england, horticultural hall, 2008