Art Fair:

Frieze Art Fair


Doug Aitken, Monika Bear, Angela Bulloch, Valentin Carron, Urs Fischer, Peter Fischli David Weiss, Karen Kilimnik, Andrew Lord, Hugo Markl, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Ugo Rondinone, Steven Shearer, Beat Streuli, Franz West, Sue Williams


October 12 to October 15, 2006


Regent's Park, London

Work titles:

Doug Aitken, don't think twice II, 2006; Monika Baer, Untitled, 2004; Angela Bulloch, RGB Spheres III, 2005; Valentin Carron, la main, 2006; Valentin Carron, Tartare Sheriff, 2006; Valentin Carron, Karma Torture, 2006; Verne Dawson, Untitled (Female Form on Tondo), 2006; Urs Fischer, Untitled (table), 2004; Urs Fischer, Lemon Hand, 2006; Peter Fischli David Weiss, The Sausage Photographs, 1979; Karen Kilimnik, The Snow Queen causing a storm, 2002; Karen Kilimnik, Rudolph Appearing on Stage in 1999 for Christmas, 1999; Andrew Lord, Cast neck and tongue, the Bowery, 2005; Hugo Markl, CALCIUM, 2006; Tim Rollins and K.O.S., "Paradiso - canto I", 2001; Ugo Rondinone, SUNRISE. east. february, 2005; Ugo Rondinone, Get UP girl a sun is running the world, 2006; Steven Shearer, Choices and Associations, 2004; Steven Shearer, Yellowface, 2006; Steven Shearer, Puffs, 2006; Steven Shearer, Poems XI, 2005; Steven Shearer, Poems XII, 2005; Steven Shearer, PoCo Trail, 2006; Steven Shearer, Pinky, 2006; Steven Shearer, Waiting, 2006; Steven Shearer, Hoff, 2006; Beat Streuli, Bruxelles 05 (74/3306), 2006; Beat Streuli, Bruxelles 05 (74/4331), 2005; Franz West, Onkelstühle, 2005; Franz West, Dialoge, 1984; Franz West, Design for a poster (The White Elephant), 2006; Franz West, Untitled (sausage, police dog), 2006; Franz West, Untitled (Bazooka, pink/yellow), 2006; Franz West, ALB, 2006; Sue Williams, Humanitarian Intervention, 2006; Sue Williams, Cracks, 2006