Karen Kilimnik


October 23 to December 23, 2004


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich

Work titles:

ballet slipper, 2004; Chicken pox, 1740, 2004; 
Cows in england, 2004; 
Cows in the english mist, 2004; 
frog pond, 2004; 
Master Hare on the moors in a storm, 2004; my house in France moved from Stratford-on-Avon, Pays de Caux, 2004; My tres jolie house in France, 2004; 
My tres jolie house in France taken 
over by Satan worshippers, 2004; 
ship in a storm smugglers cove, 2004; Time, 2004; The castle keep, Belgium, 2004; the countryside town in the 15th century, 2004; the english rose, 2004; The fop in the dining room, 2004; the fop on the way home, 2004; 
The gypsy's promise - my artist's studio in France near Val de Vincennes or Fontainebleu forest, 2004; 
the hour glass - 500 years ago, 2004; The Tempest in the 15th century, 2004; 
the tempest near the garden wall, 2004; The tempest room, 2004; the tulip in the meadow, 2004; the twisted trees - Italy, Tuscany, 2004