Karen Kilimnik


March 16 to May 11, 2002


Galerie Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber, Zurich

Work titles:

Act II - The Country Park, 2001; cache, 2002; caught in tidal wave, Storm in the North Atlantic at night, 2002; Covent garden ragamuffins, 2001; doomed little things, 2002; Floral Spring, 2002; Good & Evil, 1995; Gstaad, 1999; 'Iceberg ahead !', 2002; Icicle Winter, 2002; Overboard - 100' wave, North Atlantic, 2002; Paris Alpine watches, 2002; Satanā€˜s School for Poodles, 2001; sleeping, 2002; Snoopy and the Pink Panther Getting Ready to Climb Mount Everest, 1999; Snoopy and the Pink Panther Resting Before Climbing Mount Everest at Pink Panther's Chalet in; Starboard, 2002; The Alps at Night, 2002; The approaching storm (a sheperd + pet), 2002; The Countryside, the poor cottage girl with dog and pitcher, 2000; The Countryside, the poor cottage girl with dog & pitcher, 2002; The Dancing Dogs at the Pasture, 2001; The Dancing Dogs at the Pasture / The Holy Grail / Satan's School for Poodles / The Dancing Dogs By the Chinese ... / The Evil Ones, 2001; The Dancing Dogs by the Chinese Lantern Urn in the Park Grounds of the House, 2001; the evening fairy alights at bedroom window, 2002; The Evil Ones, 2001; the fairy king's invitation to the party in the woods, 2002; The Fox in the Forest, Happy Valley, 2001; The Holy Grail, 2001; The Snow Queen causing a storm, 2002; The tooth fairy, 2001; the tooth fairy, 2002; The Watering Place, 2002; the winter sprite, 2002; Traitor, 2002; Zermatt at Night, 2002